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Alice ready for the Prom

We photographed a beautiful girl yesterday called Alice all ready for her prom. The planned photos outside in the garden did not happen as the rain hit right at the last minute, literally as Alice came down stairs it poured down so we took them in the house instead but she still looked stunning.

Photo 21

Photo 10

Photo 19

Photo 02

The Wedding of Lou & Liam

We photographed the wedding of Lou & Liam at Best Western Derwent Manor Hotel a few weeks ago. It was a warm fine day but god was it windy. It was blowing a gale as we walked around the grounds taking photos. The Derwent Manor Hotel has some great deer sculptures in the grounds so we had to get a few photos on them


Lou 2


Photo 218


Photo 227


Photo 239


Photo 246


Then it was back in doors for the remainder of the photos and what a chandelier they have, all assembled by the staff apparently and the staff also told us that this hotel was once a farm owned by the father of Rowan Atkinson. You learn something every day.


Photo 263


Photo 268


Baby Autumn was a lovely baby to photograph. So content and very curious as to what I was doing. I photographed the wedding of her parents Michelle & Chris a few years ago and it was a privilege to also be asked to photograph their baby. I love it when I continue my relationship with a family from wedding to family its one of the best parts of being a photographer.


Photo 65



Photo 75



Photo 55


Photo 87


Photo 69


I thought it was about time I took some photographs of my wife Katie. It was time she was in front of the camera instead of always behind it helping me.

These were all taken on either my Nikon 85mm or my Tamron 70-200 – both brilliant lenses for portrait work




Photo 14


Photo 6



Photo 4

Photo 15



Photo 17

Tips to look your best in wedding pictures

Thank you to Best for Bride for the guest article below.


On your wedding day, you will find yourself in front of the camera a lot! Every photograph taken on this day is important, for it will be a precious keepsake of your lifetime celebration. So, not only should you look aim to look good, it should also be reflected in your pictures. Fortunately, it isn’t too difficult to get it right when you plan in advance.

Here are some tips from the Best for Bride team of wedding experts in Canada, to help you get ready for your wedding day photographs.


Photo 159 Practice your poses

Find the right pose that will capture your best profile. For this, scan through previous photos or ask your photographer for tips. Identify your best facial profile and recognize the right poses. Then practice it well in front of a mirror. This will make it easier to settle into position when it is time for a photo. Stay relaxed, but angle your face and shoulders, and settle into the right posture quickly to look picture-perfect every time.

Choose photogenic makeup

On your wedding day, apply slightly more makeup than you normally do. Nevertheless, remember that not all makeup translates well on camera. Although a hint of glitter will help you shine in person, it can make you look sweaty in a photograph. Similarly, spray-on tans are notorious for causing orange complexions. Have a trial makeup run before your wedding and click a few random pictures to see how it looks. You can tweak or adjust it if you aren’t satisfied with what you see.

Plan your photos into the wedding schedule

When your wedding day progresses smoothly and time is budgeted for each task, your photos will turn out well. Plan your wedding day time-line with inputs from your photographer. Schedule enough time for group shots and portraits, so everything progresses smoothly. Set aside enough time for important shots like getting ready pictures and family photos. It is also a good idea to designate one of the wedding party members to get everyone in place for the family portraits. It will be much smoother this way, and you can avoid delays.

Your Couple Shots

Your photographer will have already found the best locations for photos in and around your venue but of course you can suggest others. The background for your photos, especially your couple portraits, will greatly impact the quality of your pictures. Pick places where you can relax and be yourselves. If these spots are away from the actual venue, make sure you schedule enough time for the pictures and don’t rush them so you can relax and enjoy yourselves.

Keep your emergency touch-up kit handy

Since it is impossible to have your makeup and hair in place all day, carry an essential touch-up kit. You must have your hair and makeup essentials in it. Use the contents at regular intervals throughout your wedding day. Add tissues, Q-tips and blotting paper to the kit, for any emergency fixes that may be necessary. For more details on all that you should include in it, check out this guide on the Knot website. Restore your makeup and straighten up your hairstyle every time before a photo session, and you will look fresh and amazing in your photos.

Ignore the camera

Candid and natural pictures are usually the best. Trust your photographer to capture you in the best way possible and avoid being conscious when the cameras focus on you. Simply ignore it unless it is a portrait shot, or your photographer asks you to face the camera. Photos drenched in natural light look very nice but your photographer may suggest other areas that are not so obvious for more dramatic or stylised shots so trust your photographer to get the best possible photos

Say it with your eyes when it is impossible to smile

You will have to smile a lot on your wedding day. So, have those pearls polished and whitened to give you a dazzling smile. Try to smile in all the photos, but never fake a grin. If you are too tired to smile at any point, let your eyes do the talking. When you are happy, your joy will reflect in your eyes. Relax your facial muscles and simply smile with your eyes. Your photos will be much better than with a grin that is totally fake.

Don’t obsess over it

You will have so much going on at your wedding day that you shouldn’t obsess about your photographs. Just be yourself and relax every time the camera is pointed at you. Feel free to enjoy yourself and have fun. Photos that show you in your natural element will come out well. So, don’t worry about looking perfect. Involve yourself in the celebrations of the day and enjoy the experience. The memories of the day will then reflect in your photos.

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